War in the Balkans: Timetable: Days 27 And 28

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11am: Thousands of Serbs pray for peace in Belgrade at a service led by the head of the Russian Orthodox church.

12 noon: In a breakthrough for aid agencies struggling to house ethnic Albanians from Kosovo, Macedonia agrees to build a new refugee camp,

12.23pm: The UN refugee agency declares its camps in Macedonia full beyond capacity, leaving 2,000 to 3,000 new arrivals from Kosovo in no man's land.

1.40pm: Britain gives the UN war-crimes chief prosecutor, Louise Arbour, intelligence garnered in Yugoslavia on Serb killings in Kosovo before Nato air strikes began.

3.15pm: Yugoslav army closes Montenegro's border with Croatia.

4pm: The first of 24 US Apache attack helicopters arrives in Albania, Albanian television reports.

5.16pm: Six US senators introduce a resolution authorising President Bill Clinton to use "all necessary means" for the US and its allies to meet their goals in Kosovo.

5.53pm: Montenegro's deputy prime minister, Dragisa Burzan, said the Yugoslav army had killed "at least six" Kosovar refugees inside Montenegro and wounded an unknown number of other people.