Watch a huge water balloon burst in slow motion, with a man stuck inside

Video: As an added the bonus, the remarkable video is available to watch in 4K

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Four years after mesmerising the world with slow motion video of a water balloon bursting, The Slow Mo Guys have released a new take on that old classic, simply by sticking a grown man inside the balloon.

Gav and Dan, aka The Slow Mo Guys, use a high speed camera to film various activities in super slow motion, producing some of the most mesmerising and strangely beautiful videos that show you average scenes seen in a completely different light.

They made waves in 2011 when they posted video of two men jumping on a huge water balloon, causing it to burst and thus create stunning slow motion of the rubber splitting and the water cascading out.

Now, they have done the same feat but with a grown man inside the balloon, creating equally phenomenal footage with the added bonus of a grown man's face slowly reacting to the balloon disintegrating around him:

The video is also shot in 4K resolution so it provides extremely high quality footage of the feat.

The original 2011 video has now been seen 94 million times on YouTube.