Watch as a jet skier collides with a humpback whale

Video: A jet skier had a brief encounter with a whale in Iceland - but was the creature harmed?

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This was the dramatic moment a jet skier in Iceland came far too close to a humpback whale and ran the large mammal over.

Brynjar Thor Gunnarsson and his friend were on their way home when they spotted several whales nearby and they decided to go and take a closer look.

Gunnarsson, who captured the jet ski trip on a camera on his helmet, was near Sauðárkrókur, a town in northern Iceland.

The video shows Gunnarsson travelling along the water at a fast pace with the camera constantly turning to the right as he attempts to spot where the whales are in the water.

However, when he then turns to look straight ahead, the large arced back of a humpback whale emerges from the depths and Gunnarsson cannot get out of the way in time. Thus, he collides with the humpback whale and moves on.

Following the incident - and having posted the footage online - Gunnarsson wrote, “My friend and I were jet skiing here in Iceland and on our way home we came across this group of whales. Then one came up right in front of my jet ski and I hit it. No harm done though!”

However, Dr. Conor Ryan, a sightings and strandings officer at the Hebridean Whale and Dolphin Trust told The Independent that this was a "disturbing video".

"It was certainly the camerman’s irresponsible driving that lead to the collision. It is standard practice (and indeed law in most countries) to slow down when in the vicinity of protected species such as humpback whales. I believe that this whale most likely sustained serious injuries from this encounter, given the speed of the collision."

Source: Newsflare