Watch: Security camera catches FedEx delivery man chasing his van down a hill

The handbrake is there for a reason…

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A security camera has captured a rather unexpected sight - a FedEx delivery man trying, and failing, to jump into his van as it rolls down a road.

It isn't quite clear how he ended up in the predicament as the video starts with the van driving up the hill and disappearing out of view. 

There’s a few moments pause during which some local dogs start to get very excited at something happening in the direction the van went. 

Then you see it - first the van rolling down the hill, then the delivery man attempting to jump into the driver seat.

As the van gathers speed, seemingly hurtling towards a house, he soon gives up. Luckily the van narrowly misses the house - and a tree - instead crashing into a garden wall.


The identity of the driver, and the person who the security camera belongs to is currently unknown. According to the timestamp of the video the incident happened just before 10am on Thursday 3 April, in what looks to be a nondescript suburban area of the US.