Watch the moment a Lamborghini collides with a BMW in Kensington

Video captured the moment of impact when the £250,000 supercar crashed

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Watch the moment a Lamborghini, worth a quarter of a million pounds, crashes into two other cars in the exclusive London neighbourhood of Kensington on Sunday.

In the video the matt black Aventador car suddenly appears before colliding with another car pulling out onto Sloane Street.

In the moment of impact the exclusive supercar appears to have three wheels off the ground as the driver struggles to control the vehicle.

Ricocheting off the first car, the driver then veers into a BMW, parked nearby, before eventually managing to come to a halt.

Debris from the car can be seen shattering off the chassis with each impact, littering the exclusive street in West London.

Fortunately, despite the dramatic appearance of the crash, no-one was hurt in the collision.

The injuries sustained by the car meant the exclusive model had to be towed from the scene - where crowds of shoppers and locals had gathered to take pictures and record the events.

Witnesses speaking to the Evening Standard explained the crash to reporters, but commented on the polite nature of the driver.

Art consultant Lila Afshar, returning from a Mother's Day lunch, found her BMW was one of the cars involved in the collision.

Ms Afshar, from St. John's Wood, said to the newspaper: "We showed up about three hours after the incident and there was a letter on the windshield."

"The Lamborghini was being towed away and the owner came up and explained what had happened. He was really apologetic about it."