16 Waitrose customers who could not cope with the end of free coffee

The move is supposed to free up tables in the supermarket's cafe

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Waitrose has announced it will no longer give free coffees to holders of its loyalty card if they don't buy anything else during their visit.

The supermarket says it wants to stop people who haven't paid for anything taking up all the tables in its cafes.

Customers sitting in the Waitrose cafe will be required to buy something from it before they can claim their free hot drink.

The chain says the policy change isn't about cutting costs but a reminder to holders of the myWaitrose card of the “etiquette” around in its offer.

Not everyone was happy.

1) Some people who felt unable to pay for a coffee accused Waitrose of "penny pinching".

2) It's fair to say that loyalty to Waitrose is not a condition of holding a Waitrose loyalty card.

3) For many, the change was a social catastrophe affecting their entire friendship network.

4) Others felt the move was simply the latest sordid episode in a downward slide for the supermarket chain.

5) Inevitably, customers tried to bargain with the supermarket.

6) Special pleading was rife.

7) When negotiation failed, some users tried to explain that the move would have unintended consequences.

8) The caps-lock key was very much out in force.

9) For a lot of people affected, this would be a landmark moment.

10) For some, the policy change cut short a dream.

11) The overwhelming emotion was definitely sadness.

12) It became pretty clear that many people didn't become loyalty card customers for the points scheme...

13) One or two were worried that the supermarket might have been monitoring their usage of the perk.

14) Rebellion, it seems, was very much in the air.

15) Some people selflessly thought of the harm that would come to others from the decision.

16) All in all, the decision added to an already tragic week.