24 people applied for the 'world's toughest job', here are their interviews

Interviews had a twist ending

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A few weeks ago a job advert was placed online and in newspapers with a pretty hardcore spec.

It sought a 'director of operations' at a company called Rehtom Inc, a role which involved:

- Standing up at all times

- Constantly exerting yourself

- Working at least 135 hours a week and potentially 24/7

- Holding degrees in medicine, finance and culinary arts

- No holidays

- No sleep

- Working Christmas,  New Year and other holidays

- Salary of $0

The advert received 2.7 million views but only 24 people applied for the barbaric position. Their webcam job interviews are collected in the video below and have a surprising finish, so make sure you watch right to the end:

The cunning advert was created by Boston agency Mullen, with participants getting choked up as they reappraise the job after the twist.

Attracting millions of views, it has provoked reactions ranging from "MOMS ARE THE BEST" (someone on YouTube) to "Bleeeeurg I need to throw up" (me).