3D kitchen advert hidden among newspaper classifieds is beyond trippy

Page contains 'the kitchen you are imagining'

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A kitchen company altered perspectives on rows of text to create a subtle yet mind-bending advert in a Colombian newspaper.

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Advertisers have been getting more and more creative with newspaper advertising in recent years, realising that sometimes the most striking ads need no colour or slogans at all as was the case with Game of Thrones' dragon shadow in the New York Times.

This effort from HiperCentro Corona is perhaps even more inspired however, making the page seem as though it has a kitchen concealed inside it.

The page of 'classifieds' are entirely fake but look real, as though the company simply bought out a block and skewed their perspectives.

paper 2.jpg
(Picture: Felipe Salazar/Behance)

paper 3.jpg
(Picture: Felipe Salazar/Behance)

It comes with the tag-line: "The kitchen you are imagining is in HiperCentro Corona."

It may not be the most effective ad in terms of showing off their product range, but it succeeds in capturing a reader's daydreaming state as they turn the pages.

Images of the ad were posted on design website Behance by Sancho BBDO copywriter Felipe Salazar.