A new way to connect with your dad: Turn him into a Wi-Fi hotspot with TieFi

The classic father's day gift, reimagined for the 21st century

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Technology is tearing families apart, causing children to spend less time in the garage hammering things and getting splinters with their mums and dads and more hours quietly swiping at a tablet screen.

"When children bond with their parents from early infanthood it's well known that neuromodelling takes place in the brain," said family physician Dr. Ivor Teitelbaul. "This is beneficial because it develops their feel-good hormones and seratone and then goes on to help them in their future lives.

"Unfortunately electronics today has disconnected the family, children are spending more times in their rooms and basements and less time with their families, so anything that would encourage closer time with parents is beneficial to the kids from every aspect - emotionally and physically."

A solution is here in the form of Grip Limited's new TieFi however, a wearable Wi-Fi hotspot that allows people to connect within a 10-metre radius of the user.

"It's the classic father's day gift, reimagined for the 21st century and perfect for evey day," its websites states. "Spend more time together and connect with dad."

The product is intentionally absurd and tongue-in-cheek, aiming to highlight that most dads would rather just spend time with their kids on Father's Day than receive a tie or a gadget as a present.

It wouldn't be so surprising if the product actually did reach the mass market however, with trainers with USB ports having already been invented for some reason.