Adults are having a go at children for finding the 'Hannah's sweets' GCSE maths question hard

Apparently it's actually easy

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Students taking Edexcel’s GCSE Maths paper took to social media to complain about how hard one of their GCSE maths questions was.

The question involved how many sweets a girl called Hannah has. Its wording was:

Hannah has 6 orange sweets and some yellow sweets. Overall, she has n sweets. The probability of her taking 2 orange sweets is 1/3.

Prove that: n^2-n-90=0

But some adults weren't very impressed.

They took to Twitter to make it clear they could out-maths 16-year-olds.

Some were wistful that exams appeared to have got easier.

In fact, some couldn't believe it.

The inevitable references to O levels (what you dad calls GCSEs) were out in force.

As you'd expect, the phrase 'dumbed down' made an appearance.


Many wondered what all the fuss was about.

Sorry kids, in the real world your sweets aren't going to count themselves.