Cards Against Humanity has sold out of bullsh*t

Company mocked Black Friday by offering a great deal on boxes of excrement

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Cards Against Humanity quite literally called bullsh*t on Black Friday this year, selling 30,000 boxes of poo for $6 a pop.

As the orders flooded in it seemed many customers didn't really expect to receive actual faeces, but sure enough a little black box covered in poop emoji and containing dried dung from a bull turned up on their doorsteps.

"We hate Black Friday. Who doesn’t? It’s a vulgar monument to consumerism, right after Thanksgiving, an American holiday about gratitude and thankfulness that that you’re supposed to spend with your family," the irreverent card game company said in explanation of the stunt.


"Nothing is funnier to us than the culture jamming that happens on Black Friday - people who run up to a Best Buy moments before it opens to a huge line and u-lock the doors shut, and these pranks are our little contribution."

The previous year, Cards Against Humanity marked Black Friday by having a "$5 more sale" in which all products had an extra £5 slapped on.

"We considered doing a ‘$0.01-off coupon,’ but even that was just another kind of deal," co-creator Max Temkin told the New York Daily News."We came up with the bulls--t idea in conversation and it made us laugh really hard, so we went on Google and started looking up ‘can you buy bulls--t?’"


They eventually found a cattle ranch in Texas that sells excrement in bulk, and the rest was foul-smelling, absurdist history.

Bullsh*t boxes sold out in a few hours, leaving the company with a profit of $6,000 which it donated to charity Heifer International which provides livestock to developing communities.

Cards Against Humanity received some email complaints from customers surprised to get faeces in the mail, some of which they gleefully posted on their website.