CBS News thinks EDM is a street name for MDMA

Are our children injecting liquid Avicii?

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In a report ironically discussing the need for more education around drugs, CBS's Boston news station WBZ-TV managed to confuse MDMA with EDM.

Reporter Christina Hager was covering the fallout after 36 people were reportedly taken to hospital following an Avicii gig, when she dropped the clanger: "Part of that education is around the drug molly, also called MDMA or EDM."

EDM (electronic dance music) certainly shouldn't be ingested, with side effects including your heart turning into a kick drum and mouth suddenly blurting out synth lines, nor taken in conjunction with those other dangerous substances dubstep and minimal tech.

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CBS has since removed the report from its YouTube channel, but not before it was ripped and re-uploaded by an amused viewer.

"Brb, injecting some EDM," one commentor wrote, with another adding: "Ladies and gentlemen: the fruits of grossly misinformed fear-mongering."

For the record WBZ, this is was MDMA looks like:

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And this is what EDM looks like:

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