Children horrified as clown sets fire to dove at magic show in Peru

WARNING: Graphic content

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Children in Peru party were horrified when a clown accidentally set a dove on fire during a magic trick at a birthday party.

At first, the clown confidently attempts the dove pan illusion, in which a dish is set alight and extinguished before a bird flies out.

But the trick goes wrong when the bird escapes and is set alight as the pan is ignited.

The graphic video shows the dove become engulfed in flames and attempting to fly away, at which point the clown panics and drops the flaming dish onto the ground. 

Children scream as the performer attempts to salvage his act, by picking up the dove with the metal dish. 

Apparently shot in Trujillo, a coastal city in north western Peru, the footage then shows a man kicking the dove towards the clown who blows out its flaming corpse.

The shot then cuts away, with the next scene showing the performance continuing despite the animal appearing to have died.