Dad fills out funny daycare questionnaire in the voice of his 11-month-old daughter

The baby girl's aspirations apparently include walking and becoming a Dr of theoretical physical cosmology

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Many people complain about having to fill out forms designed to evaluate pointless things.

Now, a father who was asked by his baby daughter's daycare centre to adopt her voice and fill out a questionnaire has turned sarcastic form-filling into a fine art.

The completed form written on Wednesday has already gone viral on the social news and entertainment website Reddit, which bills itself “the page of the internet”.

Under baby Emma’s interests, her father has written: “Food as art/clothing; long yells on the beach; firmly gripping dog’s hair; exploring parent’s noses with fingers" and "dawn, every single morning, without fail.”

As part of the “The friends I like to play with are…” section, the 11-months-old’s dad writes: “Not ones that adults can see; like unicorns and pixies, and the wind, and something on that wall over there, and…squirrel!”

According to her father, the girl's goals include: “open every drawer everywhere,” “to walk, eventually,” and “a Ph.D in Theoretical Physical Cosmology”.

A friend of the Emma's father posted the questionnaire on Reddit under the title: "When daycare, completely seriously, asks my friend to answer stupid questions on behalf of his 11 month old daughter, it is inevitable that stupid answers is what they’ll receive."

Reddit users who claim to work for the care industry showed their appreciation for the post.

One user wrote: “I work in a nursery; Your friend would be our favourite parent,” to which another user replied: “I run a daycare from home, confirmed.”