Fake shoe salesman arrested for sucking women's toes in Wal-Mart

Police call incident 'kind of bizarre, strange'

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The manhunt for a North Carolina resident who pretended to be a shoe saleman so that he could suck on the feet of unsuspecting shoppers has come to an end, with one Michael A. Brown being charged with assault.

Police received complaints from several shoppers in both Kmart and Wal-Mart, who told how Brown posed as a podiatry student conducting a survey on the feet of different races and nationalities.

According to WCNC TV: "[Victim] Erika Porras was shopping Monday when police say Brown allegedly approached her and asked if he could help her try on shoes.

"He said, ‘Follow me to the shoe department.’

"She thought he worked at the store and agreed to try on shoes when Brown told her he was a podiatry student, police say.

"Erika’s daughter Kattie told us, ‘He said, ‘I need to take a picture for research,’ and when he did, he stuck her foot in his mouth.'"

The 31-year-old was charged with assault on a female, with Detective Harris calling the incident: "Kind of bizarre, strange."