Greggs – a bakery – has actually stopped selling loaves of bread

High street bakery chain is focusing on its food to go range of sandwiches, rolls and cakes

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You'd have thought a bakery would be the one place you'd be guaranteed to buy a loaf of bread.

Well, not at Greggs.

According to the company’s website, customers are able to buy white or malted sliced loaves which “are freshly baked every day”.

So when one customer went into his local Greggs in Burton-upon-Trent, he was surprised to be told they didn't stock them any more.

“Going into my local Greggs I thought I would buy a loaf of bread with a sausage roll,” Andrew Denny said.

“I like it when there’s bread that isn’t pre-packaged and looks like it’s just come out of the oven, sliced on the premises and bagged up.

“When I went to the one in Lichfield over the weekend, certainly that had stopped doing them as well,” he added.

Mr Denny tweeted the company’s head office, who confirmed his suspicions.

According to the company, they will now focus on the food to go market, which means most of the bread that the company sells is in sandwiches.

Although the company does still sell loaves in some shops, the lack on offer reflects people’s change in buying habits, opting to pick up a loaf from the supermarket, rather than pop into a local bakery.

A Greggs spokesperson said: “Many customers are now coming to us for bakery food-on-the-go products, including sandwiches, which are freshly prepared in store every day and made using our own bread.

“While loaves of bread can still be purchased in a number of our shops where we see high levels of customer demand, we also understand that customer shopping habits and needs are changing and have adapted accordingly.”