'Hot Dudes Reading' is the latest Instagram about people doing things on trains


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Train-based voyeurism continues on the internet, as an Instagram account documenting attractive human men reading things attracts over 100,000 followers in a little over a week.

Following on from the anger at 'men who sit like women', the furore surrounding 'women who eat on Tubes' and the whole 'manspreading' debacle comes 'hot dudes reading', which sees men snapped (presumably covertly) while engaging in the very rare practice of reading.

Just look at that guy above, he has a beanie, a beard, is taking up an appropriate amount of space and is reading Lena Dunham's memoir. This alone has surely got to guarantee him a job in 2015.

"Check out this Brooklyn-bound boss' material," the caption reads. "Maybe he's an aspiring actor/writer/producer/director/nudist looking for tips. Doesn't matter, I love a man getting in touch with his feminine side. When will he get in touch with mine?"

The Instagram only has 13 pictures so far, which also include a dude drenched in sunlight reading post-war Russian short stories and a Baltimore man tucking into some Edgar Allen Poe.

At least one gender politics think piece before the week's out.