Houdini cat: Meet Chamallow, the feline escape artist

Video capturing the cat mid-escape at a vet clinic has gone viral

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A vet has renamed one animal in his care ‘the king of escape’, in a nod to the feline’s ability to break free from any cage in the practice.

Adopted cat Chamallow simply refused to be held captive, causing havoc for staff at a Marseille veterinary clinic in France.

Staff at the veterinary practice had been baffled as to how their adopted cat broke free from its cage every night, until they placed a camera in front of him one evening. 

Footage shows Chamallow breaking free with ease from two cages – although he has perfected his skills as an escape artist on many more.

A video uploaded to YouTube of Chamallow as he liberates himself has been viewed over a million times.

"We knew something was going on,” a receptionist at the veterinary practice told La Provence. “We would lock him up in the evening in his cage with his food and cat litter and in the morning he would wait for us in the clinic.”

Sadly for Chamallow, his days as the feline Harry Houdini are over, after staff added an extra bolt to his lock, making it impossible for him to escape.