Japanese dads jumping near their daughters

See the fathers leap exuberantly next to their progeny!

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Dads are the best. Forever embarrassing their children with lame jokes and two-stepping to Dire Straights, blissfully unaware of their cringeyness.

Artist Yuki Aoyama has celebrated this in a set of photographic portraits, which see girls standing expressionless as their fathers jump and generally act like goofs beside them.

The series is called Sorariman, a play on the words sora (sky) and salary man.

The dads look wonderfully youthful and carefree, acting out like toddlers and skewing the generation difference implied by the chronology of the subjects.

Here are some of the best portraits.

Happy dad

01 - Is this how I Dad_1.jpg

Perched on an invisible wall dad

10 - Invisible Chair Dad_1.jpg

Exuberant dad

09 - Loving life Dad_1.jpg

Pike jump dad

08 - Pike Jump Dad_1.jpg

Plucking imaginary double bass dad

11 - Bonus Flamenco Dad_1.jpg

Stupendous high five dad

07 - Hi-five Dad_1.jpg

Broadway dad

06 - Highschool Musical Dad_1.jpg

Chill dad

05 - Peace out Dad_1.jpg

Levitating dad

03 - Serious Dad_1.jpg

Pop punk dad

04 - Hailing a cab Dad_1.jpg

Thoughtful dad


02 - Dad in though_1.jpg