KFC unveils edible chicken corsage for some reason

Accessorise at prom with a greasy wrist-mounted drumstick

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We've seen a lot of weird fast food snacks in recent years what with all the McDonalds hacks and that unsettling Pizza Hut burger pizza, but KFC's new chicken corsage is the most bizarre yet.

The restaurant chain teamed up with a florist in Kentucky to develop the bracelet, which features baby’s breath flowers and a chicken drumstick.

The corsage costs $20 and comes with a $5 coupon for a drumstick in any flavor, including extra crispy, grilled or original recipe.

It arrives two weeks too late to be an April Fool's hoax, instead apparently being an attempt to stoke students' appetites during America's prom season.

"Looking for a corsage that will make your date’s eyes light up and her mouth water?" says florist Nantz & Kraft.

"This KFC drumstick corsage is the Secret Recipe to making sure this year’s dance will be one you both remember."

Your move Taco Bell etc. What have you got, cravats made of tortillas? Shoes made of mince?

Bonus ridiculous food image:

(Picture: Domino's)

It's Domino's new pizza where the base is made of chicken!