BBC translator mimics Batman's husky voice when translating for 'Japanese Batman'

Translator gives his best Christian Bale

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Translators usually stick to a pretty monotonous voice during TV reports, getting the person's message across but losing most of their intonation – not this guy though, he gave a Japanese cosplayer a gravely voice befitting of the Caped Crusader he was dressed as.

*Skip to the 1-minute mark for the translation*

The moment came during a BBC report on a man in the Japanese city of Chiba who drives around on a makeshift Batmobile in full costume and goes by the name of "Chibatman".

He puts on a Christian Bale-esque deep voice for good measure, which the translator mimics during an interview with Chibatman, growling: "I started doing this around three years ago. As for my reasons, during the great earthquake people forgot how to smile, I wanted to help bring the smile back, and that's why I started."

He's the translator television deserves, and definitely the one it needs right now.