Charting the decline of 'BREAKING NEWS:'

Breaking: Situation ongoing
  • @christophhooton

The 'Breaking news' kicker on news stories should be reserved for assassinations, major scientific discoveries or, if there has to be a celebrity-orientated one, when Miley Cyrus lights herself on fire and runs into a firework factory killing 75.

Over the last few years however the term has become virtually meaningless, with the driest of events being strapped with it and rolling news channels employing it in an attempt to drum up interest in tedious ongoing stories.

Now a blog,, has been set up to chart all the times news isn't so much breaking as just slowly oozing out with no real impact on anything.

Admittedly there's a few dodgy news sources in there, and some iPhone notifications being confused with 'breaking news' kickers, but it's worth a scroll all the same, displaying a worrying amount of Bieber-related 'breaking news'.

Here's some of the best/worst:

1.Breaking prayer


2.Breaking history


3.Breaking pop contest outcome

the voice.jpg

4. Breaking worse pop contest outcome


5.Breaking nothing


6. Breaking papal advice

7. Breaking box office puns