Gentle bear saves crow from drowning

Pair are now best friends and planning collaborative rap album

Today in animals that don't usually interact interacting in heart-warming ways, we find a bear nonchalantly rescuing a crow after it falls in the pond in his enclosure.

The footage was taken at Budapest Zoo and according to YouTube uploader Aleksander Medveš sees a "crow rescue".

It's possible what we're actually seeing is a bear fishing a potential snack out of the water and then ditching it when he realises it's not a tasty salmon, but let's stop with the negativity IT IS OBVIOUSLY THE MOST GENTLE BEAR EVER AND HE LOVES THE CROW DEARLY.

The crow looks a little puzzled after its rescue, managing to get back to its feet and staring in disbelief as the bear doesn't chase it down but slopes off to eat an apple.