Let nothing come between this dog and his nice red bucket

Pail proves surprisingly multi-purpose in the paws of a dog

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Cats once again ruled the internet this week thanks to the vigilante efforts of Tara, the feline that came to the rescue of her toddler owner, but now dogs are back to change all that by doing what they do best – be complete idiots.

This is the simple story of a black Labrador and its obsession with a bottomless red bucket, which has put in many faithful years of service as its plaything, buoyancy aide and football.

In the video below the dog is seen chewing  the bucket, firmly gripping the bucket, kicking along the bucket, swimming with the bucket, rolling the bucket, tossing the bucket in the air and generally wearing the bucket as a fun hat.

The video was made by a Redditor for his mother's birthday, but was immediately appreciated by a much wider audience.

As one commenter and keen punsman put it, when it comes to that bucket, everything else pails in comparison.