The 600-day selfie: Man captures incredible journey around the world


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Taking photos of yourself doing the same thing around various far flung parts of the world is a well-trodden YouTube genre, but this is a pretty strong entry.

Motorcyclist Alex Charon used a GoPro on a selfie-stick in order to take a snap of all that he experienced during a round-the-world trip, travelling from barren deserts to lush forests and visiting over 36 countries.

His selfie journey even took him underwater via scuba dive and saw him hurtle through the skies during a bungee jump.

Rather than taking a static shot of himself, Chacon slowly rotated at many sights and landmarks, so that when edited together the videos offer a kaleidoscopic view of the world's diverse environments.

The selfie enthusiast drove over 200,000km on his motorcycle, crossing 75 borders in the process.