Lithuanian officers remain calm during frantic drive to save life of choking baby

Officers, who were outside Vilnus when desperate parents flagged down patrol car, later saving the life of the eight-month baby

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Lithuanian police performed a dramatic rescue last week, saving the life of a choking baby after its distressed parents flagged down a patrol car.

The dramatic situation was captured by the patrol car’s dashboard camera as officers sped to the nearest hospital with the father of the child cradling his baby in the front seat.

Parents of the eight-month-old baby, who have chosen to remain anonymous, can be seen frantically flagging down the officers and then running from their car to the police vehicle near Vilnius, Lithuania’s capital.

Their child was believed to have been eating food in the car when he started choking.

The couple had been desperately attempting to reach the nearest hospital when they saw the police vehicle.

Jumping out of the car, the father of the child rushes over to the officers and asks them to go “as fast as they could, to any hospital”.

Reacting quickly, both officers remain calm despite the patrol car reaching nearly 130kph at times, as they take the baby to the Baltic American Clinic.

The child, who was later transferred to Vilnus Children’s Hospital for further observation, is now reported to be doing well after the blockage in his trachea was dislodged.