London property listing removed from Zoopla after boasting that 'local drug dealers' live nearby

A good-sized lounge, nice garden and... local drug dealers just around the corner

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An estate agent has reacted with good humour after one of his house listings was 'altered' to tell prospective buyers that local drug dealers lived close by.

The listing, on property site Zoopla, was for a 3-bedroom terraced house on Crowthing Street in South London.

On the page of the property, listed at £320,000, it mentioned that the house had a through lounge, a garden, was near to local amenities, and had "local drug dealers close by".

As reported by The Evening Standard, the advert claimed that the house was being sold by Harrison Sellars estate agents, in Croydon.

It has now been taken down, and has been revealed as a bizarre joke - Crowthing Street does not even exist, and the postcode mentioned on the page is for another house, on the similarly-named Crowther Road, in South Norwood.


The estate agents mentioned in the mock advert, Harrison Sellars, is run by an estranged husband and wife, Garth and Angela Harrison.

Other bizarre listings claiming to be posted by the estate agents included one advertising a four-bedroom terrace in Shepherd's Bush, which claimed to be on sale for the outrageous price of £43.8 million. The Zoopla page of the estate agent has now been removed.

Mr Harrison told the paper that he runs side of the business that is completely separate from the estate agency side, which is run by his wife.

He said that he had no idea about the listings, and said he was a "bit bewildered" - but added that he "can see the funny side".

As far as unusual house listings go, it's a fairly good one. But the promise of nearby drug dealers is nothing compared to a March property listing by an Indonesian estate agents - who said the buyer of a £50,000 home in Yogyakarta could take the owner as their wife if they paid the asking price.