Lucky goldfish gets an underwater wheelchair, impresses the internet

This poorly fish's owner managed to keep his pet upright with a bit of cork and a clothes label

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A pet owner has gone to inventive lengths to help his ailing goldfish stay upright, by making it an aquatic wheelchair.

A photo uploaded onto Reddit of the unnamed fish sporting a buoyancy jacket made from a clothes tag and piece of cork has gathered more than 1,000 comments on the site.

There are no clues to who the uploader – whose Reddit name is leability – might be, nor how they came up with the ingenious idea.

Discussion has begun underneath the post as to other methods the fish’s owner could try to help his poorly pet. 

One user suggested that the fish should be fed a de-shelled green pea, which apparently acts as a laxative and relieves pressure on the swim bladder, which controls buoyancy.

Another user who claimed to work at a pet shop backed up the idea. They advised against using canned peas, which are too salty for fish. Other commenters said the fish should be fed less.

But most were full of praise for the dedicated owner. “Thanks for doing that, so many people don't care about their pet fish but they're just like a dog or a cat and deserve the same attention,” said one user called trcuking.

This lucky fish is not the first to get a little help swimming. YouTube seems to have a subsection of videos of fish with swim bladder problems wearing floatation aids.