Man misses bus, passing motorcyclist comes to his rescue

In London he probably would have just flipped him off

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Arriving at a bus stop just as the bus pulls away is one of those things that is grand-scheme-of-things trivial but air-punchingly annoying at the time - up there with unresponsive computers and vacuum-sealed packaging - so there's a vicarious joy in watching this commuter's Keanu Reeves-like journey to catch up with the vehicle.

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A Romanian scooter driver is zipping along in the video when he sees a man jogging in vain behind a fleeing bus.

Pulling over, he asks him: "Wanna jump on 'til the first station?"

Climbing on the back, the man thanks the driver, explaining how the bus only comes once every hour.

A few metres down the road the good samaritan drops the man off, who tells him: "Thanks, happy holydays, you are a great man – only for the bus to pull away without him yet again.

Undeterred, the biker says "Wanna jump on again?" and proceeds to overtake the bus and deliver the man to the next stop, where he hopefully finally boarded the bus.

Uploading a video of the journey to YouTube, the biker explained that the man thanked him profusely for his good deed.

There was another random act of public transport kindness caught on camera earlier this week in Canada, where a bus passenger gave a barefoot stranger the shoes off his feet.