Missing child turns out to be large green parrot stuck up a tree

Women has surprise of her life when the childlike calls of "Daddy, Daddy" turn out to be the work of someone's pet parrot

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A woman who raced to the rescue of what she thought was a distressed young child was left amazed when the ‘young child” turned out to be a parrot called Ralphie.

The unnamed woman was first made aware that there might be a child in danger when she heard the faint cries of “Daddy, Daddy” around the Holland Hill School in Fairfield Connecticut.

Keen to find the source of the calls the woman began to search the area with the hope of finding the child.

However, after looking around on street level she could not find a child or a person anywhere.

It was not until she looked upwards that she saw who was responsible for the cries for help.

In a nearby tree she found that it was in fact a large green parrot that had been mimicking a child.

The woman soon contacted the local animal shelter to help retrieve the bird from 25 foot tree.

The initial attempts by Animal Welfare to try and coax the parrot from its perch 25 were unsuccessful and it was not until they enlisted the help of the fire brigade that they could capture the bird.

After identifying its owner as a resident who lived one mile away, Animal Welfare took the bird to be reunited with its relieved owner.

According to the Animal Welfare, the parrot would not stop talking on the journey back and had an impressive vocabulary of a number of words that included “hello”, “what” and, of course, “daddy.”