Penguin Books' #YourMum hashtag escalated quickly

I for one enjoy ploughing a good book, just like I do...

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Ahead of Mother's Day, Penguin Books UK asked its followers 'what are you getting #YourMum?' this morning, in the hope that it could suggest some literary ideas.

This is the internet though, so obviously everyone got right to make 'your mum' jokes.

'Like the gift I provided #YourMum last night," one user said of the publishers' gift idea offer.

The Poke quickly jumped on the hashtag, and the gags rained down.

Soon people were suggesting that the gaffe was intentional – some sort of self-deprecating PR campaign.

But "Having worked for the parent company of @PenguinUKBooks, I think some of you are giving their social media team too much credit #YourMum" @JoeScaramanga wrote.

Finally, just 23 minutes after it had started, the joke had eaten itself and Penguin wrapped things up.

"Thanks for pointing our #YourMum has an alternative meaning you guys! Now back to the books..." it tweeted.

There's no word yet on whether #YourMum will be back for more tomorrow lunchtime (course she will the filthy devil), though Penguin has joked that it might take on a new form.