Police 'disappointed' to find heroin surprise in Kinder Egg

Egg inserts were de-toyed and filled with Class A drugs

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Police who picked up a Kinder Surprise egg on a Manchester street this week were shocked to find it did not contain a wind-up toy car or a small statue of Snow White, but wraps of crack cocaine and heroin.

It appears dealers were using the snacks' plastic inserts to conceal drugs, with the benign-looking shells transporting illegal substances worth hundreds of pounds.

The capsules were discovered by officers on patrol on St Mary's Hall Road in Crumpsall on Monday, with a Greater Manchester Police spokesman saying it was "a surprise" to find the Class A drugs inside.

According to the BBC, he added that it was a "disappointment" that the egg had not contained a toy.

Police say they want to hear from anyone who may have information about the drugs.

The incident echoes another case of drugs being concealed in mass-produced food items earlier in the year, when a McDonald's employee in the US put heroin in Happy Meals at one of the restaurant chain's drive-thrus.