Summertime Is Great is your new best worst music video

"Going to the beach oh yeah, I got my swimsuit on, I don't have a care"

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'Stop what you're doing and watch this video immediately' is not a phrase I use lightly, plundering the depths of YouTube on a daily basis, but stop what you're doing and watch this video immediately.

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Consisting of a dad and his son and daughter, 'Three Beat Slide' have shot a music video the chorus of which will be stuck in your head for days, and the choreography of which will be burned into the back of your eyelids for eternity.

The video sees the family singing the "upbeat pop" track around various local landmarks, beaches, arcades and swimming pools, with most of the focus on the kids though the dad couldn't resist contributing a few lines himself (and showing off his shiny new motorcycle).

Lyrical highlights include: "Going to the beach oh yeah, I got my swimsuit on, I don't have a care" and the unforgettable chorus: "It's summertime and isn't it great? It's summertime, when everything's good."

The song has been described as the new "Friday" by Rebecca Black, but screw that, this is the new "Stairway To Heaven".

High points in the video include: Unexplained CGI of a small rotating jewel, a tandem moped and motorbike ride, and a wonderfully anti-climactic drum fill.

"Summertime is Great" has attracted 300,000 YouTube views thus far, but if there is any justice will soon be circling 10 million.

Three Beat Slide have plans to record a new single soon, and also included an email address for 'business enquiries' on their YouTube channel, which is useful because obviously you need to book them for every party you hold for the next 30 years.