Susstudio: There's an apartment block in Tokyo named 'Phil Collins'

It proudly displays his name at the top of the facade

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If 'named after 80s soft rock icons' is on your list of criteria when looking for a new flat, then you might want to check the listings in Tokyo where there's a building literally called Phil Collins.

Not only is it called Phil Collins, it has a massive 'Phil Collins' sign on it written in 80s autograph scrawl font.

I've already used my Sussudio pun in the headline so I'm not sure what else to say here, except that the building was built in 1988 during the height of Phil's popularity and apartments are available for around 60,000 yen ($592) a month.

Sadly interior shots don't yield any giant looming posters of the Genesis frontman's head or even an elevator that plays an instrumental version of "In The Air Tonight" as muzak, but this is forgivable given the block gives the opportunity to make comments about residents like "Last time I saw him he was in Phil Collins".

(Picture: Google Maps)

Phil Collins is situated in the Musashino are of Tokyo, which is crying out for a rival Huey Lewis building.