This 6-year-old's plan for what he'll do when he's 100 sounds good to me

'I will read the newspaper, then I will wear a vest and glasses'

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The prospect of spending your final years soiling yourself in an old people's home and frittering away the last of your money on re-heated stew and re-runs of Gone With The Wind is a pretty terrifying one.

Or, if you do still have your health at 100, there's the burden of responsibility to finish your bucket list and see previously unvisited parts of the world.

First grader Will has a much more appealing plans for how to spend your 100th year on Earth however.

"When I'm 100 it will be hard," he opens ominously.

"First, I will read the newspaper. Then I will wear a vest and glasses. Finally, Get off my lawn."

Important observations:

- Reading a newspaper before putting on clothes is the proper order in which to do things

- I like to think he's not telling trespassers to 'get off his lawn', but viewing getting off his own lawn as a legitimate event in the day.

"I think it will be cool when I'm 100," the six-year-old concludes, having done a complete 180 from the opening in just three lines.