These toddlers' conversation sounds alarmingly familiar

Naps - always in deficit

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It's a familiar sensation. It's a new year, your body clock is all skewed, and the first four hours of each day your eyes feel like they're on fire and making normal human conversation has become strangely impossible.

You need a nap, several, and this little girl knows exactly how you feel.

Crying for reasons unknown, her cold as ice brother asks: "Did you have a nap today?"

"I didn't!" she replies, furiously shaking her head.

"Well you need one!" he fires back, calmly chewing on a roll.

"No I don't!" his sister insists, fully in self-denial.

I don't know who these kids are or why their parents are filming them crying, but they're delighting the internet - attracting hundreds of thousands of views.

In other children being surprisingly profound news, here's a 4-year-old quite suavely inviting a girl round to his house to "eat cheeses with me".