Video: Demolition Cat 'bulldozes' snowbank to get to bowl of food

Not even a massive pile of snow will stop this cat from getting to its food

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You’ve heard of the Demolition Man, now here’s the Demolition Cat.

A cat in America showed that there was nothing getting between it and its food when it “bulldozed” its way through a massive pile of snow to re-enter its owner’s house.

In the hilarious video posted by the cat’s owner Ann Got on Monday, the animal seems stranded outside as snow from a recent storm blocks its route back into the house.  Got’s attempts to beckon the cat back in are in vain, with the cat seemingly destined to be left out in the cold.

However, when Got brings out a bowl of food for her feline friend, the hungry cat reacts and runs towards the door, breaking through the thick layer of snow blocking the door.

The video of the cat has already proved very popular online, with over 600,000 YouTube users viewing it.

It has also given birth to a number of parody videos, including one that shows the cat breaking through the snow to audio from the 2006 film 300.