Video: Europe's most decorated Christmas house captured by drone

The house is decorated with over 400,000 lights that are powered by 60 plug sockets

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A house in Germany has been given the unofficial accolade of becoming the most decorated Christmas house in Europe.

The incredible illuminations in Calle, near Dortmund, consist of a whopping 400,000 light bulbs powered by a staggering 60 electricity plugs.

The owner of the house Rolf Vogt began to put decorations on his house in 2000, when he began with just two bags of lights.

However, this number has grown year -on-year, with the two bags of lights growing to tens of thousands in the last few years. Vogt’s incredible decorations have become famous in town, with many families taking their young children to see the illuminations.

This year has been its most popular with hundreds coming to see the lights in the lead up to the festive period.

"The idea started in 1999 when we were in America, " Vogt said, “"We spent the whole night, about eight hours, travelling around looking at Christmas lights. There was one more beautiful than the others and from that we went straight to WalMart and packed two travel bags full of lights and came back."

According to Vogt, it costs over €3000 (£2347) in electricity bills to keep the lights on over Christmas.