Video: Man with lightning reflexes saves toddler as stroller races towards steep drop

The man was on his phone when he spotted the falling stroller

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A quick thinking man with lightning reflexes was able to save a toddler from almost certain injury when he caught a runaway baby stroller in Istanbul.

CCTV footage that emerged on Friday shows the local fisherman on his phone just moments before the stroller comes flying down a hill in the Turkish coastal city of Bodrum.

Spotting the falling stroller, the man quickly ends his phone call and catches the pram carrying two-year-old Ali Ceyhan as it flies towards a steep drop.

The toddler in the stroller is then propelled forward out of the chair and onto the tarmacked road.

The man then picks up the baby as stunned onlookers watch on in horror.

According to local media reports, the toddler was unharmed except for some minor scrapes and bruises.