Video: Nasa interns make hilarious 'All about that space' parody video

The interns involved are part of Nasa’s Pathways Intern and work experience programme

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Rocket scientists aren’t usually known for their creativity and choreography, but one group of interns at Nasa has tried to dispel that image with a hilarious parody of Meghan Trainor’s song All About the bass.

While most internships require making endless cups of tea and twiddling your thumbs as you wait for something to do, interns at Nasa seemingly use their down time more ‘constructively’ by making music videos.

Just a week after the successful launch of the Orion space capsule, Nasa uploaded the All About That Space video onto their YouTube channel on Thursday and it has already gained well over 100,000 views.

The video shows interns giving the public a light-hearted insight into life at the Johnson Space Center in Texas through the medium of song and dance.


The areas that the interns film in include a selection of its massive hangers, a flight simulation machine, as well as the centre’s museum.

IThe video also showcases some really awkward examples of group dancing and a host of scientific reinterpretations of Trainor’s original lyrics.

Among some of the most inventive include; “If you’ve got boosters, boosters, now put them up, up, because every spacecraft needs propulsion from the bottom top the top,” and “I’m bringing rockets back, go ahead and tell the whole world.”

The interns involved are part of Nasa’s Pathways Intern programme in which they give some of the most promising young scientists the opportunity to gain experience working for the space agency.