Video: Watch 84-year-old bowling grandma score a strike on very first attempt

The video has gone viral with over 130,00 views in just three days

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As the saying goes, “you are never too old to learn too old to try something new”, and one grandmother proved just that when she got a strike with the very first ball she ever bowled.

The 84-year-old Italian grandmother, known affectionately as “Nonna”, was attending a family member’s party when she was persuaded to give bowling a try last weekend.

A video of the incredible feet shows the woman struggle to hold the ball after she receives it off a fellow partygoer. She then walks up to the aisle and despatches the ball, albeit slowly, towards the pins.

As the ball makes its way to the pins, you can hear the party shrieking in anticipation.

The ball knocks all of the pins down  to the delight of onlookers.

Since the video was uploaded onto Youtube on Monday, it has gone viral with over 120,000 people viewing the video online.

So popular is the “Italian Bowling Granny” now that she even has her own Facebook page.