Video: Watch curious brown bear play with stuffed Santa Claus

This bear is obviously not too concerned about whether or not he gets his presents this year

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A massive American black bear has been secretly filmed tussling with a stuffed Father Christmas toy at the Angeles National Forest, near Glendale, California.

In the video shot by wildlife enthusiast Robert Martinez, the bear is captured nervously approaching the stuffed St Nick to investigate who the intruder is.

When he realises that the toy propped up by sticks is no threat, he shows very little festive goodwill and proceeds to hit the Santa around the head and onto the floor.

The unexpected meeting was captured on a trail camera set up by Martinez in the 700,000 acre protected park.

Martinez is an avid wildlife photographer and is experienced in setting up trail cameras.

In October, he gained notoriety after one of his cameras captured rare footage of a family of four mountain lions walking together in the Big Dalton Canyon in Glendora.

Speaking in October he said: “It’s a hobby and a passion, just for fun, the thrill of the chase.

“I love the challenge of trying to follow their path, figure out where they might go next.“