Video: Watch inquisitive squirrel steal GoPro and carry it up a tree

GoPro user David Freiheit was able to attract the squirrel to the camera by attaching a piece of bread to it

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The number of GoPro videos on the internet has risen exponentially in recent times, but could this be the nuttiest one yet.

One GoPro user in Montreal, Canada decided to discover a new way of using the popular head-mounted camera by getting a squirrel’s eye view on the world.

In the film taken on the 9 November, GoPro owner David Freiheit was able to attract an inquisitive squirrel to the camera by attaching a piece of bread to it.

After being captured sniffing the camera for a couple of minutes, the squirrel then decides to pick it up and climb up a nearby tree with it on its back.

Video courtesy of Newsflare

 As Freiheit looks on in amazement below, the squirrel uses the camera to scan the area around the tree before attempting to take a “Squelfie” (Squirrel selfie).

However, in his attempt to turn the camera around the squirrel loses grip and the GoPro falls from the tree and onto the floor below.

Still intact, Freiheit picks up the camera blows the screen and then walks off.

The video was uploaded onto video website Newsflare last week and has proved extremely popular with tens of thousands of people viewing the video online.