Video: Young Russian table tennis player attacks umpire after loss

Talk about a sore loser

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Kids are often told from an early age, “It is not about the winning, it is about the taking part.”

Well, one young Russian table tennis player must have missed school that day after a video was released that captures some of the worst sportsmanship ever seen by a 12-year-old.

The video, which was taken on 16 November, shows the petulant ping-pong player push an umpire out of his seat after losing in a match at the Kalashnikov Table Tennis Tournament in Russia.

In the footage, we see Vladislav Starodumov and Dmitry Melnichenko facing off for the Cadet’s Singles Final Championship.

After a rally ends when Melnichenko misses the ball, Starodumov gains victory and the players meet at the side of the table and respectfully shake each other’s hands. However, obviously still smarting from the defeat, Melnichenko looks for someone to take his frustration out on.

He decides that should be the umpire and the proceeds to push the unwitting ump out of his seat and onto the floor, before calmly walking away and picking up his jacket.

The angry umpire then reacts, by throwing the perpetrator’s paddle onto the floor.

The video was uploaded on 17 November by Alex Lomaev and has seen over 600,000 Youtube users view it in just four days.