Watch: What if... Google was human


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Imagine if, every time you searched for something on Google, you had to ask an actual human being for the results of your question.

For some this might be embarrassing to even contemplate. But you don't have to worry any more, thanks to the imaginative people at

They have shot a video showing what it would be like to represent Google in human form. In an office, people queue outside Google's door before being admitted to post their query. One teenager asks for pictures of Kate Winslet from Titanic, while another young man reluctantly seeks information on Mississippi.

The highlight is when "Google" mocks the man for misspelling the American state, and subsequently refuses to give him the answer to the question.

Playing the part of Google in the video is actor Brian Huskey, who has featured in comedy hits such as How I Met Your Mother, This Is the End and Step Brothers.

Watch the video below.