What happens when you give some otters and an orangutan a keyboard and a xylophone?

The Smithsonian National Zoo gave instruments to some of its animals. The resulting video is priceless.

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King Louie may have been the imagination of a 1967 Disney film, but the Smithsonian National Zoo in Washington, D.C. has managed to get a step closer to recreating the perfection of a musical orangutan.

As part of its Animal Enrichment program the zoo occasionally provides its animals with instruments to create a stimulating environment, thus creating the glory of an organutan playing the xylophone and a group of otters having a go on a keyboard.

While the group of Asian small-clawed otters fought over the chance to practice their piano skills, Bonnie the orangutan seemed less enthusiastic and more curious by the toy xylophone trust upon her.

Zoo spokeswoman Jen Zoon told the New York Daily News that they bring the keyboard out a few times a month.

“Some really take to it and play it up, and others hang back and just watch. It's their choice to participate or not,” she said.

If you’re interested in seeing more mammals play any instruments (and why would you not?), you can donate to the Smithsonian’s Animal Enrichment program here.