Time-lapse video shows horror of putting twins to bed

Henriette Jonassen tried to get her two sons to sleep in separate rooms – and the result was brilliant (if not for her)

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This exhausting time-lapse video shows what happened when a young mother dared to try and change the bedtime routine of her twin boys in the middle of the Norwegian summer.

Henriette Jonassen, 21, had grown tired of two-year-old toddlers Leon and Nathaniel waking each other up in the night and both ending up in her bed.

It’s hard not to feel sympathy for Ms Jonassen – particularly as the days in Norway are currently around 16 and a half hours long and it doesn’t get dark until almost 10pm.

Ms Jonassen decided to experiment with having the boys sleep in separate, adjacent rooms. But she also set up a time-lapse camera outside - sensing that things might not quite go according to plan.

Sure enough, the brilliant video that resulted shows her going from room to room in what seems to be an endless and futile cycle. No sooner has one door closed with the mother inside, the other opens and a boy has escaped again.

The video has been so popular online that Ms Jonassen decided to set up a dedicated blog, in which she wrote:  “I’ve been having a hard time getting my twins to bed recently because of the heat and long, sunny days, and I thought I’d try something new. But I was pretty certain it wouldn’t work, so I filmed it.”

The mother also clarified a couple of points that viewers have raised from watching the video – including that both rooms do have blinds, the right one just billows open a little when the door opens.

Ms Jonassen also expressed her disappointment at some “mean, hurtful and disrespectful” comments that have suggested she should hit her children or that she is a bad mother.

Describing her bedtime routine, she said: “I’d do anything for my children, I really would.

“When the weather gets normal and the sun sets earlier, I’ll go back to our normal routine... But for now, this works for us. If you want to judge, be my guest.”