Westminster Scandal: How the scandal unfolded

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July 1987: Westminster council's housing committee approves a policy of designated sales, whereby rented council properties in eight marginal wards would be sold to buyers allegedly judged to be more likely to vote Tory.

July 1989: BBC's Panorama accuses council of seeking to manipulate electorate.

July 1989: Formal objection lodged with district auditor by 13 Westminster residents.

December 1989 and May 1990: Submissions from council in response.

June 1990: Auditor begins to study papers.

December 1990: Auditor conducts the first of 135 interviews.

April 1991: Dame Shirley ends eight-year reign as leader.

December 1992: Auditor reviews evidence and decides on need for further interviews.

February 1993: Lady Porter resigns as councillor.

April 1993: Search of council offices reveals new documents.

January 1994: Auditor's provisional report published.

October 1994: Public hearings begin into findings.

February 1995: Hearings end.

May 1996: Final report.