British women stabbed as killer tourist runs amok in Kenyan resort

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Two British women were wounded and a Swiss man who tried to help them was fatally stabbed when a drunken German tourist ran amok in a Kenyan coastal resort.

Olaf Klinkusch, 41, attacked one of the women, Christel Blubau, on Saturday evening in the Indian Ocean town of Malindi after a drinking session with other guests lasting several hours ended in a quarrel, the district commissioner, Mabeya Mogaka, said.

When a Swiss tourist, Hugo Meischerhaus, intervened to protect Ms Blubau, Klinkusch fatally stabbed him.

Realising that he had killed Mr Meischerhaus, Klinkusch fled into the hotel grounds where he confronted Lisa Seaman, 32, a Briton on honeymoon with her husband, Mark.

Mr Seaman, who had married Lisa only four days earlier on their Kenyan holiday, said: "He blocked our path. He was speaking a mixture of German and English. He said something like 'They've done something to my wife' but we couldn't hear what the something was, it was unclear; his accent was strong.

"He took a large knife from a bag he had on his shoulder and stabbed Lisa ... It went through her stomach."

Josec Nacio, the area's acting police commander, said the German then fled to the beach before running back into the hotel and locking himself in a storeroom, where he eventually committed suicide by slashing his throat and stabbing himself in the stomach.

"While inside the store, the German tourist started crying before his cries were reduced to groaning - and because the store was dark, the police decided to force their way in and found him in a pool of blood but still stabbing himself in the stomach," Mr Nacio said.

Ms Seaman and Ms Blubau were admitted to a Mombasa hospital, where their condition was described as stable.