Ebola crisis: Boat of west African migrants sparks scare on Gran Canaria nudist beach

The 19 migrants were found to be free of the disease after testing

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Holidaymakers on a nudist beach in Gran Canaria were caught up in an Ebola scare on Wednesday when a boat of migrants from Sierra Leone landed.

Several countries have brought in screening for travellers at airports but police were caught off guard by the arrival at Maspalomas beach.

Local and national police isolated the 19 migrants for seven hours after it emerged two were suffering from a fever amid fears they had contracted Ebola, Channel 4 News reported.

Bemused sunbathers looked on as officials in face masks and protective clothing took the group’s temperatures while they were quarantined in a lorry.

Tests later confirmed that no presence of the disease was found and the Gran Canaria Government said there was no need to activate emergency protocols.

Beach ebola scare.jpg
Migrants in quarantine on Maspalomas beach in Gran Canaria

The migrants were taken to a shelter and the boat they arrived in was burned.

The Canary Islands, located 90 miles off the African coast, are the destination of hundreds of migrants every year, who often travel in open fishing boats.

Beach ebola scare 4.jpg
Migrants in quarantine on Maspalomas beach in Gran Canaria

Sierra Leone is one of the three West African countries worst-hit by the virus, which has so far killed almost 5,000 people.

While the number of new cases in Guinea and Liberia is stabilising, the spread in Sierra Leone continues unabated, according to the World Health Organisation.